My Spring Fashion Must Haves

This week I wanted to do something a little bit different to my norm so I decided to try my hand in fashion, I am no fashionista by any means but I wanted to share with you all some of the pieces I have been loving the past few weeks as I have recently cleaned and re vamped my wardrobe.

First up is this gorgeous suede off camel colour biker style jacket from Penney’s, I purchased this jacket a month or so ago from Penney’s in Ballina for €28 and I have not taken it off me since, it is perfect with a little black dress or with this beautiful striped vest top with a pleated detail on the bottom which is also from Penney’s and was only €10. I love the little ribbon detail on the back for a girly feel.

17430797_10209029426799064_1255321812_o17431746_10209029426199049_424428522_o (1)17455109_10209029426519057_1072504438_o17475159_10209029427679086_485661455_o

Next up is this beautiful Little Black Dress from with an embroidered flower detail. This dress is from the Boohoo Plus Range and was €23. As you can see by the below picture I teamed it with the Penney’s Jacket above and some chunky boots on a night out.

Buy it here –

17474069_10209029429119122_1555932224_o (1)17474379_10209029430359153_1609999945_o


These next 2 dresses have only hit Penney’s stores in the past week or so and are only €12, Of course I had to pick up both colours one is a gorgeous silver and the other is a dusty pink shade perfect for a casual night out with some chunky boots and black tights. The little open detail at the back of the dress is beautiful also.


I think mostly everyone you know will have one of these style t-shirts because they are everywhere right now. This one is of course from Penney’s and costs €10. I am not a huge fan of actual chokers but I love these tops which kind of give the same effect just a little more subtle.


Second last piece is this beautiful peachy pink wrap over light jacket. This is a must have to wear during the day or at night with a pair of jeans and chunky boots or with ankle grazer jeans and a pair of flat shoes. This is from Penney’s and costs I think around €15.


Last but not least of these beautiful black heel boots with embroidered flowers on the sides. I have lots of back heeled boots but none with beautiful detail like these and the best part is these were reduced to €12 in Penney’s <3.


Keeley x



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