The only brushes you will ever need and how to use them: Part two

In the final part of this post and I am going to be showing my all time favorite face brushes (and a little beauty blender)

To start off this sponge is a recent purchase of mine, I know I am late to the beauty bandwagon with this one but I only purchased the beauty blender about 2 weeks ago and of course I am in love with it already, Before this I used the Real Techniques sponge and honestly there is no difference between the two it comes down to your budget and what you want to spend. I use this sponge damp to apply foundation, concealer and cream contour. This is also amazing to set my under eye concealer with powder. I picked this up from Beauty Bay for €19.30. 16443165_10208620337852096_152234607_o

Moving on to the brushes, Most of you would have heard about the Real Techniques Bold Metals collection and I almost lost my mind when I first saw them as most of you would have too i’m sure and honestly I wasn’t very impressed with them aside from the fact they are beautiful to look at. The one I love is 301 I use this for cream contour it is perfect to carve out the cheekbones and to get right under the jawline, I only apply the cream contour with this brush I take my beauty bender then to blend out the lines as this brush doesn’t really blend product out too well. You can pick this brush up from Boots for €28.99


This next brush is also a recent purchase of mine, this brush was from a primark set of brushes it is identical to the real techniques bold metals collection but for less than half the price. The set comes with a larger version of this brush but I love this one because it is perfect to powder contour with, it gets right into the hallows of your cheekbones and carves them out. I then blend put my contour with the next brush I am going to talk about. The set from primark I believe was around €6.


Real Techniques brushes for me are always a complete win and this next brush didn’t disappoint me. I’ve had this brush for almost 3 years now and I use it every single day firstly, to apply my bronzer it is the perfect size brush to get the perfect amount of product all over the face. I also use this brush to blend out my contour,blush and highlight together for a flawless finish. This brush is the blush brush and retails at €14.99 from


Next brush is the F04 Angled Contour Face Brush by Blank Canvas Cosmetics, I use this brush to apply my blush as it is the perfect size for the cheeks. I personally find this a little too big to contour but I know most people do use it for that its personal preference mostly. This brush retails for €14.99 from


Lastly is probably my favorite brush of all time to apply my favorite product of all time. This is the F15 by Blank Canvas Cosmetics and I use this to apply my glow, As you can see it is perfectly tapered to apply the product directly onto the cheekbones the brush hairs also don’t absorb too much product which is amazing. If you don’t have this brush you need it in your collection. This retails for €14.99 from


Keeley x



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