The only Brushes you will ever need and how to use them Part One

This week I wanted to focus on makeup brushes. One of the most common questions I get asked and the one thing people always tell me is they are not sure what brushes they need and also how to use these brushes. Today I am going to go through my top 4 Eye brushes and explain how I use them and also how else they can be used.

Eye Brushes




The most common makeup technique most people struggle with is eye makeup. For any look all you need are 2 brushes one for blending and one to place some colour on the lid.

The above black brush is from Sallys Salon Services it is a very fluffy brush which helps blend colour into your crease to create the perfect look, I normally would use this brush to place my transition shade into my crease. A transition shade is a neutral colour you first blend into your crease which helps any colours you add after that to blend perfectly together. The main things you are looking for in a blending brush are one which is soft, not too dense and large.

The below white haired brush is the Morphe M441 this brush is not needed for beginners really but f you are looking to add to your collection to broaden your skills I would recommend this one, This brush is a little more dense which means the brush hairs and packed that little bit closer together so this wont blend out colour as much as the above one. This brush is perfect for  building up colour in the crease or the outer v of the eyes. This brush would not blend out as well as the above brush but it can add to your skills and bring your eye looks to another level. This brush is available from

packing colour 


The next brush is a must have for beginners this is the Morphe M433, The brush is perfect for adding colour onto the lid, This can also be used for a smokey eye to blend the darker colour from your lid to your crease, you would then use your blending brush to defuse the colour from your crease upwards. This brush can be purchased from

Lower Lash Line


For me there is only one brush I use to blend colour into my lower lash line which is the E23 by Blank Canvas Cosmetics this brush is dense and has a little point at the top which is prefect to get close to the lash line. This brush also works great to add shimmer to the inner corner. You can also use this brush to create a cut crease look because it is the perfect size to get right into the crease and define it. This brush can be purchased on Blank Canvas Cosmetics

I have decided to split this blog post into 2 parts because I have 6 face brushes to get through. This will be posted next Wednesday the 8th of February.

Thank you for reading

Keeley x





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