Primark Beauty Contour Crayons

As most of you will have noticed by now I am in love with most of the new Primark Beauty products and have been writing about them a lot, Primark released these Contour Crayons a couple of months ago but unfortunately they never reached Sligo. Fortunately for me my cousin went on holiday to Madrid where there is a huge Primark so she picked them up for me. I am also going to be demonstrating how I use these over on my Snapchat (keeleysomers) today so head on over there and follow me to see these babies in action.



In this kit there are 3 crayons, highlight, shade and bronze. The highlight crayon as you will see below is a yellow toned concealer which is extremely creamy and blends out really well, The shade and bronze crayons are quite similar in colour, the bronze is a tad bit warmer than the shade but other than that they are very similar.

DSCF2013ps shade 2

When I first applied these crayons to my face I was so surprised with how creamy they were on the skin, I used a Beauty blender to blend these out which I found was the best way to blend them out. I use the Highlighter shade as a concealer, it gives a beautiful highlighted appearance while still concealing. The Shade crayon is perfect for those of you with fair skin because it has a grey undertone which makes it look more of a natural contour.

Overall I am really impressed with these Crayons, Hopefully they arrive in Sligo soon because I need to stock up. The only downside of these is when I used the pencil-parer which came in the kit it ruined the pencil a little bit which wasted a lot of product, I will show this on my Snapchat so that you can see and for those of you not on Snapchat I will add some pictures to the end of this post from my story.

 Thank you for reading <3.

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