Sleek Cream Contour Kit – Hit or Miss ?

As most of you beauty lovers will know one of Sleek Cosmetics most recent releases is their Cream Contour Kit. Sleek has released a kit with 6 shades in Light, Medium and Dark. The shade I picked up is Medium because I wear fake tan a lot so I thought this one would suit me best. I picked mine up in Boots and it cost €13.99.

As you can see below the shades vary but are mostly darker contour shades with various undertones. There is one yellow toned concealer shade (01) and the rest are darker contour shades. The kit also contains a huge mirror which is perfect for on the go makeup application. When applied the yellow toned concealer is a little bit greasy for me, I find myself applying my normal concealer straight after just because I like my concealers a little bit more on the thick side. The contour shades however are amazing, they blend out so evenly and flawless.

sleek13467754_10206826659291253_279830907_osleek 3

The swatches above were taken without a flash, I normally mix shades 04, 05 and 06 together for a customized contour shade, This kit is perfect if you are a makeup artist also because it has that mixture of tones and shades to suit more than one person. Overall I would say this product is a complete hit in terms of quality, price, travelling, storage etc. This kit has made it into my everyday routine very quickly and I have no doubt it will make it into yours also.

I will leave a picture below from the first time I used this kit and also a link to where you can pick it up. Thank you for reading <3.

Contour kit –



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