Ps. Love To Glow Face Mask vs Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment

As most of you fellow beauty junkies will know Primark have recently brought their beauty/makeup products to a whole other level. Their most recent skincare release has been the PS. Love To Glow Face Mask which is said to be a pretty close dupe of the Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment, Today I am going to put that to the test and see just how close these two really are.


In the above picture you will see quite the size difference, this is because I have the Sample size of the GlamGlow Supermud but as you will see below I have compared it to my other full size Glamglow Thirstymud.


Both are 50ml and come in very sturdy packaging, The Primark packaging is glass whereas the Glamglow Packaging is a titanium metal packaging. When you initially open the lid a strong peppermint smell comes from the Glamglow mask whereas with the Primark one has more of a zesty lemon scent a lot more refreshing than the Glamglow mask.


I swatched both on my hand as you will see below and I also took a picture when applied and when dried so you could see the difference. They are both mud masks but the main difference being is one is a lot stronger than the other. The primark one has little exfoliating particles which will help if you struggle with dull, rough skin. The Glamglow one is a lot stronger and a little bit more harsh than the primark one, When applied to the face once it starts to dry this stays a dark colour around any breakouts on the skin, I like to use this as a spot treatment overnight, it reduces the redness around the blemish and helps reduce it a lot faster.

GlamGlow (L) Primark (R)




As you can see above The Glamglow mask is great if you have an issue with your pores because it clings to them and really pulls everything out of them. As a mask I find this very very harsh on my skin personally, Usually once I use this it leaves my skin very red after.

The Primark mask on the other hand suits my skin a lot better because it exfoliates but it isn’t too harsh and doesn’t leave my skin red at all. I have normal to dry skin, I would not be overly dry but I like a mask that does not dry me out too harshly. If you have oily skin I think the Glamglow would be more suited to you.

Do I think these masks are dupes of each other ?

No, Mainly because I think these masks are aimed towards two different skin types. I would say tho if you have bought and used the Glamglow Supermud but thought it was too harsh I would definitely pick up the Primark one. The main difference in these two products is of course the price range with the Primark one retailing at €3.50 and the Glamglow mask retailing at around €50-€60 depending on the shop you buy it in.

Overall in my personal opinion I way prefer the Primark mask for quality and price, Have you tried either of these mask ? What did you Think ?

Thank you for reading ❤


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