My Makeup Geek & Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadows

About a week ago I decided to order something I have wanted for a long time but every time I tried to order it never worked out, I am talking about the much raved out Makeup Geek eye shadows. I have been trying to order these for about 6 months from the Makeup Geek website but whenever I would try it would never let me past my shopping cart, Beauty Bay then answered my prayers and stocked Makeup Geek so I placed an order a good bit after they started stocking the brand just because I wanted to wait and order a good few. On this eye shadow buying journey I also came across Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye shadows which looked amazing in videos, blogs, pictures etc. so I placed an order with them also. I wanted to do a blog post to show swatches because I haven’t went through them on any of my social media. (That was a long intro)

First off I will start with Anastasia Beverly Hills because I bought the least amount from them. I searched everywhere online that sells Anastasia because I was not aware you could  buy directly off their website, I soon discovered that the eye shadows are quite hard to purchase from anywhere but the website. I eventually realised I could purchase from there so I did. I picked up 4 eye shadows at $10.00 each which converted into Euros and including shipping came to about €53 not bad for such a high end brand. A week later these show up at my door with a rather rude delivery man who has an invoice for €26.58 for customs duty basically. I was of course unaware of this extra cost and I didn’t have any cash so he had to come back the next day and took the money right down to the last cent. Moral of the story don’t order off an american website when you live in Ireland :(.

Now onto the very expensive but equally beautiful Eye shadows. I picked up 4 shades,very wearable everyday kind of shades and a little pop of purple. As you can see by the picture below the Eye shadows came with a little quad case free of charger which I like because the Makeup Geek ones don’t as most of you will know.

12755418_10205936127068504_774675025_o12755265_10205936127148506_141096336_oThe first shade in the palette is Morocco and this is a warm toned orangy brown shade. This is gorgeous in the crease and perfect for a warm smokey eye or an everyday shade to wear on its own in the crease.


Next up is Aubergine which is a shimmery deep purple more on the warm side, beautiful as a pop of colour to an everyday look or a deep burgandy smokey eye.


Next up is Fudge and this is a deep warm brown perfect to darken up the outer corners or just on its own for a deep warm smokey eye.


And lastly is Orange Soda, This is the perfect transition shade to add to the crease before any other colours. Any shade will blend perfectly on top of this colour.


So far I am really impressed with the Anastasia Eye shadows, They are very blendable and seamless on the eyes. If you are thinking about purchasing these and you live in Ireland just be aware than there is an extra customs duty which is presented to you at the door. Otherwise I would stay away unless you live in the US or use a shipping service.


Now onto the Makeup Geek eye shadows I ordered 8 of these shadows and I already had a magnatised palette myself so I didn’t need to purchase a Z palette but just be aware if you are purchasing MUG eye shadows you will need a magnatised palette to store them in.


The first shade I picked up is Shimma Shimma and this is a beautiful Champagne silver shade, This is so pigmented on its own but when you spray your brush with some Fix+ by Mac it enhances the pigment even more and makes it stand out on the lid. I am in love with this shade.


The next shade is Peach Smoothie and this is the exact same shade as Orange Soda by ABH so if you are thinking about buying both I would choose one or the other. They are the same colour, pigmentation etc.



Next up is Chickadee and this is a shade or two darker than peach smoothie, it is again the perfect transition shade or this is even beautiful blended into the crease on its own for a soft everyday look.





Next is Desert Sands, this is a warm toned camel shade perfect for blending on top of Orange soda & Peach smoothie to build up intensity. This shade is also beautiful all over the lid and blended into the crease for a quick and easy smokey eye.


Next is Frappe which is very similar to Morocco by ABH this is a beautiful warm deep brown perfect crease shade to darken up any look



Next is Cocoa Bear, this is a very popular MUG shade most of you have probably heard about it already. Again this one is similar to Fudge by ABH.



Second last shade is Mocha this is a deep brown more on the Neutral/cool side compared to the others this is perfect for a deep smokey eye or even along the last line as an eyeliner shade.



Lastly is Bitten, this is probably my favorite shade mainly because I am a sucker for a burgandy eye shadow. This is the prefect satin finish burgandy shade, I like to wear this in my crease on its own everyday its beautiful and really makes blue eyes stand out.

12669096_10205861340638890_52221830_o12751928_10205936158109280_1374711912_oMUG 2.jpg

And that is all of my Anastasia & Makeup Geek eye shadows. I hope you enjoyed this blog post, Don’t forget to follow me on my Snapchat @Keeleysomers to see me everyday I normally do tutorials over there regularly. Let me know if there are any MUG shades you love so I can order them the next time and as always thanks for reading ❤







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