My Haul

Recently when I was online shopping (for makeup of course) I cam across a website called I had never heard of this website before. In Ireland it is very hard to get brands like Elf, Malani, Jordana, BH Cosmetics, L.A Girl etc but this website has all of those brands and more. Everything on there is very affordable as you will see below, There are different methods and prices for Shipping the one I went with was Standard shipping with tracking which was $16.24 so roughly around €15.18. I expected the shipping to be pretty slow considering this package came from LA but it was here in 9 days exactly I ordered on the 1/11/2015 and it arrived this morning 10/11/2015. I am so impressed by this website and will be 100% making another order very soon. Now onto the haul.


  1. Elf Ambient Palette

The first thing that caught my eye was the Elf Ambient palette which is basically a highlighting palette which consists of 4 powder highlights. I started to do some online research while I was shopping online and this palette has been compared to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette now I don’t  have that palette but if you look inline they both look pretty much the exact same with the main difference being the price. I cannot wait to try out this palette who doesn’t love a good highlight. This palette was $7.49 which is around €7.00 amazing for 4 highlighting powders, You can purchase this by clicking here.

DSCF9841 DSCF9844 DSCF9845 DSCF9849 DSCF9851 DSCF9852 DSCF9853 DSCF9854 DSCF9855

2. Elf High Definition Under Eye Setting Powder.

I have heard a lot about this product from lots of YouTubers and bloggers over the past couple of years. This is a clear powder for under your eyes to set concealer. I believed that this was just a matte white powder but when I opened it I realised that i is full of glitter I don’t know if there are different shades and maybe I just got the wrong one but I will do some more research and give it a try. This was $3.99 so around €3.70 and can be purchased by clicking here.

DSCF9859 DSCF9860 DSCF9863 DSCF9868 DSCF9869

3. L.A Girl Flat Finish Pigment Gloss.

I have been loving matte lips lately so these caught my attention when I was browsing through the website. I picked up 2 shades A peachy nude and a berry purple shade. I cannot begin to describe how pigmented these are both swatches below are one swipe onto my hand and dried in, as you can see they dry completely matte so I am not sure how these will wear throughout the day or how long they will last so I will try them out and see. These were $3.99 each so around €3.70 and can be bought here.

DSCF9883 DSCF9885 DSCF9889

4. LA Girl Pro Conceal High Definition Concealer.

I’m sure most of you have heard about these concealers before, practically every beauty guru is raving about these concealers so I had to try them out. I purchased 3 shades for cream contour and highlighting which are Classic Ivory, Chestnut and Dark cocoa. They have a little brush applicator which I think will be really handy for applying directly onto the face. These were $2.99 so around €2.80 which is amazing value for a concealer , these can be purchased by clicking here.

DSCF9874 DSCF9876

DSCF9878 DSCF9879

L-R Classic Ivory, Chestnut, Dark Cocoa
L-R Classic Ivory, Chestnut, Dark Cocoa

5. Nyx Nude Matte Shadow in Dance The Tides.

I have a couple of Nyx eye shadows and really like them so when I saw this Warm brown shadow I couldn’t resist, This is the perfect crease colour/ transition shade for any look. These shadows are $4.50 each so around €4.00 and can be purchased here.

DSCF9891 DSCF9893 DSCF9894 DSCF9895

6. Nyx Ultra Pearl Mania Pigments.

We have a Nyx stand in Cara pharmacy in Sligo but they don’t have any of the pigments on the stand so I wanted to pick up a couple because I had heard so much about these. The 2 shades I picked up are Rust (L) and Fanta (R) these are both very similar as you can see below in the swatches one is a lot more copper than the other but they are both stunning colours. These were $2.99 each so around €2.80 each and can be purchased here.

DSCF9897 DSCF9898 DSCF9900 DSCF9901 DSCF9903 DSCF9904

6. Milani Powder Eye shadow.

This is the only product I am disappointed with because it looked a lot different online that it does in person which is annoying but I will find use for it somehow. As you can see this is a very light lavender shimmer shadow. These are $1.29 so around €1.20 and can be purchased here.

DSCF9911 DSCF9912

7. Jordana Colour Effects Powder Eye shadow.

The second last product is by Jordana and this is their powder eye shadow in A Classic and oh my god this colour is amazing and so pigmented. This is a gorgeous copper-red shade and the packaging is gorgeous too really simple but beautiful. These shadows are $1.79 so around €1.60 each and can be purchased here.

DSCF9914 DSCF9916 DSCF9918 DSCF9920

8. Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara

This is another product which is surrounded by huge hype. I needed a new mascara and when I saw this I decided to purchase and give it a try. this is just a standard back mascara with a nice round thick brush. This mascara was €3.59 so around €3.30 which is very affordable for a mascara,  this can be purchased here.

DSCF9921 DSCF9922 DSCF9923

And that is all I purchased I would 100% recommend you check this website out and as always thanks for reading xo

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