My Mac Lipstick Collection ๐Ÿ’‹

I was searching for some post inspiration today while sorting through my makeup and I realised that I have never shared my collection of Mac lipsticks with you. I have bought these lipsticks over a period of a couple of years some were bought as presents because as we all know Mac Lipsticks have a high-end price tag but are so worth that price tag. Okay so onto the lipsticks I tried to keep it colour coded so first are nudes then pinks purples and finally a red too. Mac lipsticks in Ireland are โ‚ฌ20.00 each and can be bought from Brown Thomas Online or from any Brown Thomas store in Ireland.


Mac Lipsticks for me are a luxury buy 100% they are not ridiculously over priced but they are definitely worth the money because they last so long. All the lipsticks have different finishes eg. Matte, Satin, Gloss and they all have a gorgeous vanilla scent to them.

  1. Creme D’Nude

This was the first ever Mac Lipstick I purchased and as you can see Is almost gone. I purchased this lipstick over 2 years ago because I wanted an everyday Nude that would also double up as a going out nude, After lots or research I decided on this one. This is perfect for those of us girls with fair skin if you pair this with a slightly darker lip liner you will get the perfect nude lip. As you can see by the swatch below this is a Cremesheen formula so it is a nice creamy glossy consistency which is perfect for those of you with dry lips also because it will hydrate them. This for me is the prefect nude lipstick to pair with a dramatic smokey eye.

DSCF9627 DSCF9629 DSCF9633

2. Myth

Next one is one I received as a present for my birthday 2 years ago, Because I loved Creme D’Nude so much I wanted another nude. I went for myth because it was a lot more nude than Creme D’Nude and I wanted to try out a pure nude. I will admit it wasnt my favourite shade but if you put it over a darker pink lipstick like Please Me by Mac you get the perfect shade. This one is a satin finish so it’s not as glossy as Creme D’Nude its more in between a matte and a gloss.

DSCF9639 DSCF9640

Top – Myth Bottom – Creme D’Nude

3. Velvet Teddyย 

This is probably the most well know mac shade there is. Dare I say it but this was the original Kylie Jenner shade that everyone wanted. I wanted this one for so long at the time and it was sold out for a good few weeks but I eventually got it. As you can see below this is my most used shade of all. I love this shade so much it is the perfect dark nudey brown lipstick shade. I wear this colour probably every time I do a daily natural makeup look. This is a matte formula but it isn’t drying on my lips at all I have dry lips and this is the only matte formula lipstick that doesn’t cling to the dry skin on my lips.


DSCF9655 DSCF9660

4. Twig

I crumbled under the Kylie Jenner pressure and had to buy this shade because I remember at the time everybody was saying she used the lipstick shade. This is a couple of shades darker than Velvet ย Teddy as you can see below and it is more on the brown/purple toned side than Velvet Teddy. I love this lipstick for going out a night with a simple eye. This is a satin finish so again it has more hydration than a matte formula would.

DSCF9662 DSCF9664

Top - Twig Bottom - Velvet Teddy
Top – Twig
Bottom – Velvet Teddy

5. Angel

This next shade is a more recent buy within the last year. This is the perfect baby pink shade to brighten up your everyday makeup look. This lipstick for me is the perfect work/school shade because it is not too bold or too light it is the prefect shade for a nice girly look. This one is a frost formula which means it is very shiny and glossy so this is perfect for those of you with dry lips.

DSCF9672 DSCF9674 DSCF9678

6. Please Me

This is a very recent purchase of mine and hasn’t been worn yet. I purchased this about 2 months ago because I wanted a lipstick a shade darker than Angel, At the time I was really into the matte pink lips look. As you can see below this is more on the peach side compared to Angel it’s also a matte formula but it is very matte and drying compared to the velvet teddy formula again I haven’t worn it so Iย am not sure how it wears but If I love it Iย am sure you will hear about it.

DSCF9682 DSCF9686

Top - Please Me Bottom - Angel
Top – Please Me
Bottom – Angel

7. Heroine

This is another recent purchase for me and again I haven’t worn it yet but Oh my god just look at the purple tones it’s so pretty. I wanted this for ages but It was sold out every time I tried to purchase it. This one is a matte formula but when I swatch it on my hand it doesn’t feel like Please Me does which is a good sign, you can also see it the swatch below it does look very moisturising.

DSCF9695 DSCF9698 DSCF9701

7. Rebel

This next one is one of my all time favourite dark berry lipsticks but the only problem I have with this is because of the formula of this I find it impossible to keep it on my lips all day. This is a Satin formula but it is way more on the glossy side than any other Satin finish ones. As you can see by the swatch below it looks like a pigmented gloss and it does wear that way on the lips. If this was a matte formula it would be perfect.

DSCF9709 DSCF9713

Top - Rebel Bottom - Heroine
Top – Rebel
Bottom – Heroine

8. Ruby Woo

This again is a very well known classic Mac shade. I purchased this a couple of weeks back and havent worn it yet but I have a feeling I will be wearing this a lot over Christmas. This is a classic matte red shade which will be stunning with a sharp wing a simple eyes.

DSCF9720 DSCF9723 DSCF9728ย 

And that it my Mac Lipstick collection, What are your favourite Mac shades ? Comment below and let me know. My next post will be another Mac themed collection post so stay tuned for that and as always thanks for reading

๐Ÿ’‹ xo

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