My Top 5 Autumn/Winter Lipsticks 🍁

I wanted to start off my Autumn Winter posts by telling you all about my top 5 lipsticks for this season. A dark berry lip for me is a staple in the colder months but I also threw in a dark nude for those of you who aren’t comfortable wearing a dark lip. All these lipsticks are under €7 which you will be glad to hear because who doesn’t love a bargain. Β Now onto the Lipsticks.

I recently ordered two of the Lipsticks below from a website called Shop Miss A, it is basically an online shop which has things like jewelery, nails, makeup, hair accessories, brushes, skin care and so much more and the best part is everything is $1 .. yes $1, some of you may have already heard of it but if not you can click here to have a look. The standard shipping internationally is $9.95.

Elf Lipstick in Fantasy.

This lipstick is the perfect dark nude lip very similar to Velvet Teddy by mac bit a bit more on the pink side so it’s a lot more wearable, Β If you find velvet teddy doesn’t suit you or you think it’s too dark then try this one out. This was $1 from Shop Miss A.

12076871_10205228011326053_1927711668_n (1) 12067315_10205228011246051_841062816_n Β 12068040_10205228010846041_194907600_n

Wet n Wild lipstick in Cinnamon Spice

These wet n wild lipsticks are amazing, they have such a wide color range and they are only €2.99. This shade is cinnamon spice and this is a berry shade with a brown undertone to it. This shade would be beautiful with matte eye shadow and winged liner. These can be bought in some Primark stores or by clicking here.

12071714_10205228010606035_1636960892_n 12071537_10205228009686012_910676380_n 12080965_10205228009206000_290611960_n

Wet n Wild Lipstick in CherryΒ Bomb

This shade is a lot darker than the previous shade this has a darker purple undertone compared to the brown undertone of the last shade. These lipsticks have a matte to satin finish so again a lip balm would be advised before you apply.

12064518_10205228008765989_240094599_n (1) 12067225_10205228008805990_1805819608_n 12041750_10205228008845991_1069147824_n (1) 12080772_10205228008165974_1541246557_n

Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick shade 107.

I am sure most of you have heard about this lipstick before. This is the perfect berry red wearable shade, the only thing about this is that it’s a matte formula so if you have really dry lips I would avoid this or try a lip balm underneath first. This lipstick is €6.99 and can be bought by clicking here.

12048828_10205228007845966_1229952669_n 12048526_10205228007645961_1318449377_n (2)j

12064056_10205228007445956_925495729_n (1)

L.A Colours lipstick in Iced Berry

This shade is the second one I bought from Shop Miss A this is a beautiful red berry shade, This one has a more glossy finish than the others so if you have really dry lips this will be perfect for you. If you are not a fan of a more glossy lip I wouldn’t advise this one. This was $1 from Shop Miss A.

12092538_10205228011806065_1189311080_n 12087638_10205228011646061_1726673346_n (1) 12080842_10205228011846066_1788593846_n12077513_10205228011486057_261780838_n (1)


I hope you all enjoyed this post let me know below your Autumn Winter Lip favourites. Thank you for reading πŸ™‚

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