My Top 5 Summer Foundations.

I have been on a mission this summer to find the perfect foundation, I have started a new job which is in an office and it is so hard to keep foundation on my face which inspired me to go on a little hunt. These foundations range from high end to drug store to fit everyone’s budget.

1. Estee Lauder Double Wear

This is probably one of the highest rated and raved about foundations out at the minute, I tried so long to resist the urge to try it out mainly because it is so expensive and I couldn’t afford it until I started this new job. I had this up in my hand in Boots in Galway in a Lighter shade and I put it down because I wanted to buy Mac studio Sculpt Instead so when I got home a chemist in Sligo was selling it so I took this as a sign that I had to buy it (typical make up junkie). This foundation is honestly worth every penny.. It gives my skin this amazing glow and look, its so lightweight and doesn’t feel heavy on my skin at all. This foundation is definitely full coverage and a little goes a long way which is great because it lasts a while. This foundation is €38.00 and can be bought in Boots.

DSCF9336 DSCF9340 DSCF9338

Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation

I bought this foundation years ago when I went to New York but it was the wrong colour for me so when I was in Brown Thomas in Galway I picked it up again in the right shade to match me when I have no self tanner on. This foundation is perfect for drier skin types because its very moisturising. The coverage is medium but definitely buildable and long lasting. This foundation retails at €36.50 in Ireland.

DSCF9341 DSCF9344 DSCF9342

Sleek Bare skin Foundation

This for me is like a drug store alternative to Studio Sculpt by Mac. This gives my skin a gorgeous luminous glow but not a shiny finish like some foundations can. This has a very creamy and moisturising formula so its perfect for those of you with drier skin types. This foundation retails at €11.99 in Ireland.

DSCF9349 DSCF9351

L’Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation

I am sure you have all heard about this foundation so much over the past couple of months but this is so worth the hype for the price of this, This is a matte foundation so if you have very dry skin I would avoid this as it could tend to cling to drier areas, This comes in a normal version for those of you who have tried this and don’t like it too much. I have both finishes and love both but I love this one in terms of finish and packaging I love the plastic tube for carrying around and throwing in  a make up bag sometimes those big glass bottles are unnecessary but that doesn’t stop us buying them. This retails at €11.99 in Ireland.

DSCF9352 DSCF9353

Mac Studio Fix Fluid 

This is an all time favourite for me, I usually buy this a couple of shades darker and use it when I go out at night. This is a definite guarantee to stay on all day/night i have never had a bad experience with this foundation and I will always re purchase this baby. This retails at €31.50 in Ireland.

DSCF9347 DSCF9348

Thank you reading ღ

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