5 steps to flawless foundation

personally, foundation is always a thing that I have struggled with wether it’s shade selection, finding the right finish or the right formula it has taken me so long to achieve the flawless finish I eventually got. Everyone is different, everyone’s skin is different and it is important to experiment and find out what suits you and what doesn’t. The products I am mentioning are the ones that work best for me but they may not work for you. The method and steps however are the same for everybody. 

1. Cleanse.

First off before we apply any makeup to the skin it is important you start with a clean base. A cleanser is the first step to achieve this, when I wake up in the morning I like to cleanse my face to get rid of any oil or dirt on the skin. The cleanser I am currently using is the P.S Love Your Skin Hydrating Cream Cleanser this stuff is honestly amazing my skin feels so soft after using it. You can use your own cleanser you normally use for this step.

2. Tone.

I never realised how important toner was in my skincare routine until recently. Toner closes your pores after cleanser in order to even out your skins tone. This means that your makeup won’t get clogged in any open pores you have on your face. The toner I use is the Garnier Sofening toner I really like this one because it is designed for dry skin so it doesn’t dry out your skin. 

3. Moisturise.

To finish off all of the skincare we moisturise, moisturiser is very important to protect the skin from any damage throughout the day and also this can act as a primer if you are not too keen on primer. The moisturiser I use is the P.S Love Your Skin Gentle Daily Moisturiser this is really nice because it is gentle so it won’t increase any sensitivity on the skin hence there will be no redness under the foundation. 

4. Prime.

The second last step is primer, if you don’t use a primer everyday that’s okay because your moisturiser will act as one anyway but if you want your makeup to last all day and night I would recommend a primer. This will just add an extra layer for your foundation to sit on and prevent it from coming off for a good while. The primer I am currently using is w7 porefection primer this is supposedly a dupe for benefits porefessional primer I have not tried the benefit one so I can’t compare but I love this stuff so much for only €4.50 you can’t go wrong. 

5. Foundation.

And the final step is of course the foundation, as I said this is a trial and error kind of thing, you need to try out foundations to see how they look on your skin. I have struggled with foundations for so long but recently I have found one that I absolutely love and it is L’Γ“real infalable matte foundation I honestly love this so much it makes my skin look healthy and soft. It never looks Cakey or horrible I have bought 2 tubes so far and I’m in love. If you have a foundation you already love them just apply that and you have flawless foundation 😊. 

These steps are what I follow everyday before applying foundation and they work every time. I hope you all found this helpful and as always thanks for reading 😊. 

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