Huge Collective Haul : My Recent Buys (Beauty & Fashion)

So for the past couple of weeks I have been buying a couple of bits here and there and it has become quite a lot of things so I thought I would share them with you all. I am not going to write about each one individually but I will write prices and links underneath them if you would like to pick up anything :).

Sleek Matte Me Lip Creams (€6.49) –


11180147_10204213343920002_1840512250_n 11173701_10204213353400239_90576401_n 11215927_10204311300208848_814581390_n 11212326_10204311300528856_1930261687_n11198500_10204311300608858_786575371_n 11210351_10204311300728861_17494446_n 11100170_10204311300688860_831584701_n 11198638_10204311300648859_477843396_nNyx Slim Lip Pencil in Pale Pink (€4.99) – 11198506_10204311300408853_1527086573_nNyx Round Lipstick in Tea Rose (€5.99) – 11186277_10204311299448829_734839338_n 11212275_10204311299288825_1919121692_n 11212266_10204311299328826_297709180_n 11225574_10204311300808863_1018209967_n Garnier Extreme Hold Hairspray (€2.15) – All drug stores/chemists 11198763_10204311300328851_629656931_nGot2b Oil-licious Weightless Dry Oil Mist (€3.50) –

11195538_10204311300288850_1643666094_n Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo (€4.19) – bBold Tan Lotion 250ml (€10.35) – Ardell Demi Wispies Lashes (€5.99)  – Accessories (€1.00/€2.00) – Primark11216109_10204311299848839_1046772888_n 11251586_10204336465357961_312916398_n 11259039_10204336465277959_2011521863_n 11261471_10204336465237958_1817460214_n Essence Gel Shine Nail Polishes (€1.79 each) – most pharmacies/chemists11195543_10204311299768837_1090893977_n 11198575_10204311299688835_703103497_n 11198407_10204311299648834_1468816298_n 11225595_10204311299568832_1460119282_nTop and Trousers (€5.00 each) – Primark11195528_10204311299928841_1366031253_n 11210081_10204311300088845_1132471198_nI hope you all enjoyed this posts thanks for reading :).

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