Small Inglot Haul

Today in college we had training with Inglot Ireland and they were kind enough to bring some of their best selling products and offer us 20% off everything. We also got a Pro Mua Card which means we get 10% off all the time and then 20% when we graduate. Inglot is such a great cruelty free brand I would definitely check them out if you haven’t already –



1. Freedom HD Sculpting powders.

The lovely Lisa from the Limerick store demonstrated on one of her workers with these powders and they looked amazing on so I picked up 2 shades 506 and 502. These colours are so gorgeous and I know they are going to be amazing on my pale skin I can’t wait to try them out. 



2. Freedom palette powder. 

I have one of their freedom palettes already and they are amazing. They are magnetic and so easy to carry and they fit in your make up bag too. This one was €8. 



3. AMC Gel liner. 

I have been searching for a new gel liner lately and this one is apparently amazing and stays put I can’t wait to try this one. I got shade 77. I also really like that this comes with a deal on the top which guarantees it’s never been used.



Let me know if any of you have tried Inglot products and what you think about them and as always thanks for reading :). 


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