Makeup Gallery mini haul

As you all know I have been loving make up gallery products lately so I decided to pick up some more things that I have no tried, If you have a stand near you definitely pick some of the products up. Everything was €1.50 which is amazing value ! 

1. Good to glow matte Bronzing powder

I have heard good things about this bronzing powder, they have a matte and a shimmer version I picked the matte because I don’t like shimmer bronzing powders too much, the colour of this is perfect not too orange and not too dark. 

2. Colour Moisture Lipsticks 

I don’t know why I haven’t picked up these lipsticks before because they are amazing.. The colour range and pigmentation of these lipsticks are incredible for €1.50. I picked up 3 shades which are 15 Outrageous Orange, 01 Perfectly Nude and 03 Naked Brown. 

I hope you are all having a great weekend and Happy St.patricks day to all who celebrate it💚🍀🍀 and as always thanks for reading 😊. 

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