Mini Make up Haul : Sleek and Make up Gallery.

This week I picked up some things from Make Up Gallery which is a Make Up brand newly stocked by Dealz in Sligo. A fellow blogger Little Miss Roux brought this brand to my attention, she wrote a blog post on the products she picked up and I was impressed by the swatches she posted and her opinions on everything so I decided to try some things out, everything from Make Up Gallery were €1.50 each. The 2 sleek palettes were gifted to me.

Make up Gallery Single Eye shadows

I picked up 2 shades which were Deep Plum 17 and Cappuccino 9. I am really impressed by theses eye shadows, they are very pigmented especially the Deep plum shade, it has a mostly matte finish with a little bit of glitter in it which gives it a slight shimmer. The other colour cappuccino is an amazing crease/transition shade. This colour would also be amazing for everyday wear.

DSCF8710 DSCF8712 DSCF8714 DSCF8716

DSCF8724 DSCF8725 DSCF8726


Make up Gallery Blush in soft Blush 1

This blush is a beautiful dusky pink colour, It just has the right amount of pigment so there will be less chance of going crazy on the blush.

DSCF8718 DSCF8719 DSCF8722 DSCF8723

Make up Gallery Lip gloss in Ballet Pink 2

They have a lovely variety of lip gloss shades and I picked up this one because I wanted it for over lipsticks, These are not extremely pigmented but for a lip gloss I wasn’t expecting too much pigment. Amazing quality for the price.

DSCF8730 DSCF8731 DSCF8732

Sleek Face Form Palette in Fair

I love sleek products so much, Their products are not too expensive and amazing qulity, This palette is €13.00 which is amazing for a blush, bronzer and a highlighter.

DSCF8745 DSCF8746 DSCF8748 DSCF8750 DSCF8754 DSCF8756

Sleek Eye and Cheek Palette in See You At Midnight

I have wanted to try these palettes for a long time and I thought they would be a lot bigger than they are but honestly I am glad they are not because this is the perfect palette to throw into your handbag and carry around this palette comes in a more neutral version which is Dancing Till Dusk, Both palettes are €11.99.

DSCF8734 DSCF8735 DSCF8736 DSCF8738 DSCF8739 DSCF8744

I hope you all enjoyed this post let me know below your favourite products from either brand so I can pick them up the next time and as always thanks for reading :).

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