My Make up collection + How I store my Make up. Ikea Malm Dressing Table

I have wanted to write this post for a long time but I wanted to wait until I got a proper vanity and storage set up and organised. My mum bought me the Malm Dressing table from Ikea as part of my Christmas present, This table is €100 and is glossy white with a glass overlay on the top and one long drawer underneath. I saw this table on a blog somewhere a while before Christmas and I really liked it, I like that the drawer goes the whole way along the table but the only thing I don’t like is that the drawer doesn’t pull out the full way. This just means that the things at the back are not as visible as the ones at the front but other than that I love this table. I also ordered some of the Skurar Plant pots to store my brushes in and two of the Antonius Basket Inserts for inside the drawers but I received the table before these two. The white basket with the love heart that I have some of my brushes in on the centre of the mirror is from Harry Corry’s I bought it about a year ago, and the other little Ice Buckets are from my DIY Make up Storage Post. The Little Lipstick holders I have are from Home Store and More. I can’t remember where I got my mirror from because I have it about 2 years now but I have only started back using it because as you can  see I am missing a few bulbs which I am getting tomorrow. The 3 little plastic drawers under my table are from Heatons, when I bought it there was 5 drawers but I took 2 away so it could fit under the table.







On the right hand side of the top drawer I have these 2 plastic containers I picked up from a discount shop in Carrick on Shannon but you can buy similar ones online here. In the first container I have the blushes and highlighters that I would use the most, I also have two MUA eye shadow quads that I would use regularly. In the second one is the powder, highlighter, bronzer, and blush I use everyday plus some other bronzer’s and blushes I like to use regularly.




Beside them I have 2 little white baskets that I also picked up from the discount shop. In the one at the front I have all my daily make up essentials, my two foundations depending on if I am fake tanned or not, Concealer, Eye liner, Brow gel, Lip balm, Tweezers for eyelash application, my 2 favourite mascaras and of course some fix+ by Mac. Behind that I just have some lipsticks but I need to buy more of the lipstick holders to display them on the table, some back up setting sprays and a random eye shadow quad.





In the middle of the drawer I have some of my other favourite foundations, which I use when I go out. I also have all of my favourite eye shadow palettes, Most of the palettes are Make up Academy apart from the Naked 1 and Naked 2 and Both Stila’s In the Moment and in The Light palettes, I also have a palette I made myself which is mostly Catrice eye shadows and 2 Nyx blushes.



On the Left hand side of the drawer I have a bunch of single eye shadows and blushes in this organiser I got from Home store and more.




Moving down into the 3 drawers, In the first one I have all my go to skincare you can click here to see my skincare routine. In the second, yes I have a whole drawer for my bath bombs, I have become obsessed with bath bombs and taking baths. I am loving Bomb cosmetics at the minute. Finally, in the last drawer are some random make up that I don’t use everyday but I like to have it hand.








And that is everything I have organised so far, I would definitely say that if you are looking for a vanity table to invest in this one, It is not too big either and it does not take up too much space. I hope you enjoyed this post and as always thanks for Reading :).




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