Bomb Cosmetics Gingerbread Tree’s Blaster Review.

In my last post I showed the Bomb Cosmetics Bake Me Away gift set which contained this bath blaster which is a fizzer. This bath fizzer is infused with Spicy cinnamon and pure ginger essential oils and when this is put into the bath it smells amazing. What I like about these is in the box they are wrapped in plastic so they don’t get damaged with everything else in the box. When I removed this from the plastic it smelt amazing and when I added it to the bath is filled the whole room with this beautiful Christmas smell. I would definitely recommend this bath fizzer, after a long day there is nothing better than getting into a bath and this fills the room with such relaxing scents. As we all are familiar with the Lush bath bombs , I think these are very similar to them and are around the same price maybe cheaper. The only 2 things about this is that 1. it ruins your bath with glitter after but it goes away with a good scrub and 2. It isn’t very colourful in the bath it leaves the bath a sea blue kind of colour other than that I loved it. All their bath bombs separately are around the £3.00 mark but this gift set is reduced to £7.00 online now which is a bargain for 4 bath bombs and a soap.

Below are some pictures. Click here to buy the bake me away set –


DSCF8255 DSCF8256 DSCF8263 DSCF8262 DSCF8259 DSCF8257 DSCF8258 DSCF8264 DSCF8266

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