DIY Make up Storage .

This week I wanted to do something different because at the minute I am in the middle of changing my make up storage around so if you would like to see a make up collection and storage post comment and let me know. I am always looking for new ways to store lipsticks, brushes and lip glosses so I decided to take a look in a local discount shop and see what I could find. These ways are super cheap and simple everything I bought cost me โ‚ฌ1.50 and can be found on - or if you have a Dealz shop in your town you can get these products in there too.

Make up Brush/ Lip gloss holder.

You will need:
– A mini ice bucket
– Some decorative tape



Any mini ice bucket or flower pot will do for this, I bought some small flower pots from Ikea but I only bought 2 so I wanted to make more of my own. You can buy any colour tape you want I just went with black because I liked the Black and Silver look. Basically for this all you do is wrap the tape around the bucket and press the tape into the bucket to make sure it stays. You can store anything you want in this as you can see below I show you three ways to store brushes, lip glosses and your skin care things. For the lip glosses I added some tissue paper so you can see all the products properly.








Lipstick/ Cotton pad Jar.
For this next one you will need the same decorative tape and a jar of your choice, I picked up a small one from the same shop as the Ice buckets. I put some lipsticks and cotton pads into this so you could see what they were like. I really like how these came out and I am excited to see them on my table when everything comes together.










Let me know below if yo would like to see a make up collection and storage post when I have it completed and as always thanks for reading :).

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