Sleek Review: Storm Eye shadow Palette.

I have had this palette in my collection for about a year now, I bought this palette in Superdrug when I was in Liverpool around this time last year. I never thought much of this palette because I never really used it that much but since Halloween I have re-discovered this palette and I am now using it everyday. The thing I love about the sleek palettes is that they are so cheap yet so pigmented and high quality. Sleek offer a wide variety of palettes with all colour ranges. The palette I am going to talk about today is the storm palette.


As you can see this palette is versatile in its colour range. There are light champagne colours, pinks, purple, green, blues, black and browns. The top row of shadows are mostly neutral with pink and purple shades at the end. The shades from L-R are Sand Storm which is a shimmery gold shade, Snow storm which is a beautiful champagne shimmery shade, Calm Before the storm which is my favourite shade from the palette this is a matte camel brown shade, Thunder Storm which is a deeper gold shade, Perfect strom which is a gorgeous light pink frosty colour and finally Pre-storm which is a beautiful plum/burgundy shade with a frosty finish. As you can see by the swatches below these colour are extremely pigmented.


The bottom Row if this palette is the more adventurous side with a range of deep shades. The shades from L-R are: Dust storm which is a deep brown with specs of gold glitter in it, Gathering Storm which is a deep bluey – green shade with a shimmery finish, Strom cloud which is a deep green shade with a shimmery finish, Electric storm which is a deep sapphire blue with a frosty finish, Eye of the storm which is a medium matte brown and finally Blackout which is a matte black shade.


Overall I think this palette is perfect if you are trying out new colours and experimenting because it has a range of neutral shades too so you will get the use out of this palette. This palette was โ‚ฌ9.99 and you can find it in some boots stores mostly the big ones and all Superdrug stores, you can also buy it online I will leave a link below if you would like to.
In my next post I will review The Vintage Romance Palette from Sleek so keep and eye out for that and as always thanks for reading :).

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5 thoughts on “Sleek Review: Storm Eye shadow Palette.

  1. Can anyone tell me how to contact sleek officials? I made an order more than a month ago and its not received yet, nobody is responding to my queries on their official website, Facebook page, twitter, instagram or google plus. There is no phone number provided either. What should i do now? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


    1. Im sorry to hear this its the worst when a package takes ages to come if you don’t mind me asking where do you live ? this could be a factor in the package not arriving. The sleek website is based in England I think, have you tried searching for an E-mail on their website ?


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