Your Skin’s Undertones and choosing the perfect foundation.

So many people can make the mistake of buying the wrong foundation to suit the undertone of their skin. If you have never heard of the undertone of your skin before don’t be alarmed, I am definitely guilty of buying the wrong foundation to suit my undertone up until recently when I discovered how easy it was to identify your undertone and to pick the perfect foundation. The skin tone and undertone are easily confused but are not similar, the skin tone is the colour of the skin e.g Tan, Dark, Light. The skin undertone is the colour beneath the surface of the skin, Here is what you need to know:

Types of undertones
There are 3 types of undertones for the skin
1. Cool – if you have a cool undertone you will have pink, red or blue-ish undertones.
2. Warm – if you have a warm undertone you will have yellow or green undertones.
3. Neutral – if you have a neutral undertone you will have a mix of warm and cool undertones.
Yellow undertones are the most common undertone.
Pink undertone is more common in Irish skin. Pink undertoned skin tends to burn easily and be quite red. If you have a pink undertone but want to conceal it you can mix a yellow toned foundation with your own foundation to conceal any red problem areas.

How to Identify which undertone you have.
1. The easiest way to identify what undertone you have is to look at your veins, Look at the veins on the back of your wrist, If your veins are blue you have a cool undertone, if you veins are green you have a warm undertone.

2. Another way is to look at your skin without make up on in the mirror, Does your skin look more pink or yellow ? If you can’t tell or its not obvious you probably have a neutral undertone.

3. The last way you can tell is by the jewellery you wear, if silver jewellery suits your skin better you probably have a pink or cool undertone but if gold suits you better than you have a yellow or warm undertone.

Buying foundation to suit your skin
As Mac is probably one of the most popular brand for make up and foundation I struggle to understand why they made their foundation system so difficult to understand, All Mac foundations are wither in NW / NC so naturally you would think NW = Yellow and NC= Pink but that’s not the case, it is the opposite at MAC.
NW = Pink Undertones
NC = Yellow Undertones

So if you have been matched to an NC foundation in MAC you actually have a Warm Undertone to your skin, confusing right ?.
L’Oreal true match foundations stick to the normal rule and go by N, W or C
N = Mix of yellow and Pink undertones
C = Pink undertones
W = Yellow undertones

Other drugstore foundations which come in the shade Ivory Normally have a pink undertone.

Lastly, the Cheek test.
If you are still unsure of the foundation shade or if a cool and warm look the same to you put a line of each on the side of your cheek and blend them in. The foundation that suits your skin should blend in and should nearly be invisible, The means it matches your natural undertones.

I hope this post helped you, if you have any questions post them below and as always thanks for reading :).

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