Lush Review : Luxury Lush Pud














I have always wanted to try some lush products particularly bath bombs, so last week I decided to order some products on line to try out. I ordered these products on a Thursday and they came the following Friday which is pretty good from the UK to Ireland but I missed the post man on Friday so I had to wait until Tuesday (yesterday) to pick them up. I have only used one of these products which was the Luxury Lush Pud, I really loved this product, The smell of this is so fresh and calming. Once you place this in the bath it fizzes out into lots of colours as you will see below in the pictures. I can still smell the scent of this bathroom throughout the upstairs of the house, It leaves your skin feeling soft and amazing afterword, it also leaves a glittery residue in the bath which is pretty but a pain to get rid of. I will be doing a post like this for each of the bath bombs when I use them. Let me know if you have tried any of these bath bombs and what you thought of them and as always thanks for reading :).

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