The super fun time excellence good nice blogger fancy person award


Last week I was nominated by the lovely Clare’s Beauty – ( for the award with possibly the longest name which is The super fun time excellence good nice blogger fancy person award. I am really enjoying these tags/ awards lately so why not post another one. So how this one works is The person who nominated me provided 10 questions which I answer, I then write out ten different questions for the people I nominate to answer and so on, I think you can nominate as many/little people as you want, now onto the questions.

1. Night out or in ?
As much as I love to go out I would have to say night in, theres nothing like curling up in a blanket on front of the TV.

2. Top ten items on your wish list.
My wish list is getting out of control lately, but these are my top ten,
– Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
– Chanel Vitalumiรฉre Aqua foundation
– Mac Velvet Teddy Lipstick
– Mac Heroine Lipstick
– Mac Rebel Lipstick
– Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette
– Lorac Pro 2 Palette
– Mary Lou-manizer by The Balm
– Stila Kitten Highlighter
– Stila In The Light Palette

3. Favourite Designer.
I dont really have a favourite designer to be honest, I am more of a make up then fashion person.

4. Your Signature Make up look.
I don’t exactly have a signature make up look but I usually stick to neutral shades for everyday wear, if you count that as a “signature look”.

5. Favourite Candle Scent.
I love fresh scents, there is a Yankee Candle called fluffy towels which smells amazing.

6. Book or Kindle.
I don’t own a kindle so on the rare occasion I do read a book I like to physically hold it and flick through the pages.

7. Best Recent Film Watched.
I seen a few new releases lately but my favourite has to be Maleficent.

8. Favourite Clothes shop.
I would have to say Primark, great style for an affordable price. Second best would be New Look.

9. Favourite Comedian.
Hands down has to be Michael McIntyre, I am in tears of laughter every time I watch him.

10. Your hero ?
I wasn’t really to sure what to answer for this question, but I though about it and a hero is someone you look up to/admire so for me it would have to be my mum (as cheesy as that sounds).

And My questions for you.
1. Favourite You Tuber
2. What Inspired you to start your blog ?
3. Favourite TV Programme.
4. Your Holy Grail Product.
5. Do you Cream or Powder Contour ?
6. What makes you happy when you are down ?
7. Your Favourite quote.
8. Your Celebrity woman crush.
9. high end or drug store products ?
10. Your favourite brand of all time.

I nominate.
1. Isabella –
2. Rrezolinda –
3. Terri –

And that is it for this weeks post, Please feel free to leave any post / Video requests you would like to see me do it is greatly appreciated and as alwats thanks for reading :).

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