Eye liner 101 – Everything you need to know.

Eye liner is a common thing that can be a very tricky skill to master, I will go through the different types of eye liners and how to apply them easily. I will also include some pictures of how I wear the different types of eye liners on a daytime or night time basis.

Pencil Eye liners.
This is the most common eye liner used mainly because it is easy to use and quick to apply.

– They are perfect for beginners who do not have much experience.
– They are the best type for the lower lash line.
– They are very easy to blend for a smokey eye look.

– They smudge easily
– They do not give a strong line like a gel or liquid liner would.
– They do not always last as long as liquid or gel.

My Tips.
– Use a Brown eye liner instead of black for a soft daytime look.
– Set the pencil line with an eye shadow of the same colour.
– For Blue eyes look for shades of Navy and violet to bring out the white in your eyes.
– For Brown eyes look for shades of dark brown or bronze.
– For Green eyes look for shades of brown, gold or olive to enhance the green in your eyes.
– Drag the eye liner as close to your lash line as possible in short quick strokes.

Pencil Eye liners I recommend.
– Catrice cosmetics eye pencil in 050 Brown Town Girl.
– MeMeMe Eye line Pencil in Coal.
– NYC Showtime Velvet Eye liner in 953 Black Brown and 952 black Wine.

A simple look I created using Pencil liner.



Liquid Eye liners.
These types of Eye liners are probably the trickiest to master, you need a relatively steady hand and it is essential to apply it across the lash line in short thin strokes.

– Perfect for dramatic cat eye looks.
– Perfect for creating a well defined thin line to make the lashes look thicker.

– Takes a lot of practice and patience to master.
– It can be difficult to apply for beginners.

My tips.
– Follow your natural eye shape because changing the eye shape using eye liner will make the eyes appear smaller than they are.
– Try and get the liner as close to your lash line as possible for a natural look.
– Use a light hand when applying , the firmer your are the thicker the line will be.
– Use a cotton bud (Q tip) to make your wing more precise.

Liquid liners I recommend.
– Wet n Wild Mega Liner in Black.
– Catrice liquid liner in 010 Dating Joe Black.
– NYC HD Liquid Eye liner in 889 Extra Black (Felt tip).

Some looks I created using Liquid Eye liner.




Gel Eye liners.

These eye liners usually come in a pot and are applied with a brush. It is more commonly used by make up artists for precise application.

– This type of eye liner is very creamy and easy to smudge
– This type of eye liner is perfect also for a smokey eye.

– The only con about this type of eye liner is that it isn’t as portable and convenient as other types.

My Tips.
– Take a bit of eye liner from the pot and put it on the back of your hand , that way you can control the amount you have on your brush.
– If you are just beginning to apply gel liner it helps to apply 3 small dots on the inner, outer corner and in the middle of the lash line also this will help to control the liner and prevent overdrawing.
– Connect the 3 dots to get the prefect precise line.
– Just like the liquid liner you need to practice , practice, practice and have patience.
– Set your liner with a powder eye shadow to keep it on all day and night.

Gel Liners I recommend.
– Maybelline Eye studio Lasting Drama 24hr Gel Eye liner.
– Catrice Gel Eye liner in 010 Black Jack with Jack Black.
– Essence Gel Eye liner in 01 Midnight in Paris.

Looks I created using Gel Eyeliner



And that is it for this Eye liner post, I hope you all learned something from this post and I hope it helped you out somehow and as always thanks for reading :).


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