Trash Talk: Used Up Products / Empties

At first, I found posts and videos about empty products a bit weird because you are talking about trash basically but now ironically, I love reading them. The opinions given in these posts are honest and usually form over a long period of time, a product may be good for the first few trys but you never know until you finish a product. Most of the products in this post are make up related and have been used up for a good few months now. Now onto the Empties.


The 3 Foundations I have used up Completely (although it doesn’t look that way from the bottles) are Mac’s Studio sculpt SPF 15 Foundation in the shade NC15 , Mac Match master Foundation in shade 1.5 and Revlon Colour stay Foundation in the shade 150 Buff. I am going to talk about these in order of which ones I like best.

1. Revlon Colourstay Foundation
I had wanted to buy this foundation for a long time but I held back because it was so expensive here in Ireland, So when I went to Liverpool last year I picked this foundation up. I really enjoyed this foundation, I think it glides on the skin perfectly and the finish is dewy but not oily looking, I usually just set it with powder in the places I needed it like my T-zone. I completely guessed my shade in this and ironically it is probably the only foundation I have found so far that matches my skin. I would 100% recommend buying this foundation.

2. Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation
I bought this foundation the first time I ever got my make up professionally done which was at the Mac Counter in Macys in New York. The only thing about this foundation is that it is quite a thick foundation it is more on the cream rather than liquid side and it was also very pale for me. I don’t think I would re-purchase this foundation because I think there is a lot more inexpensive foundations that I can get similar to this one.

3.Mac Matchmaster foundation.
This foundation was also purchased in New York alongside the Studio sculpt. This foundation was way too dark for me I bought it dark because I wanted to use it when I fake tan but it was 3 shades too dark so I used it up doing my friends and families make up as they have a darker skin tone to me. I liked this foundation to apply on other people it glides on and gives a lovely finish.


I have only used up 2 powders completely and they are both from Mac. Number 1 is Mac Studio Careblend Pressed Powder in Light Plus and Number 2 is Mac Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NW15.

1. Mac select Sheer Pressed Powder
This powder was my go to powder when I first started getting into make up , I bought it in New York and it has lasted me almost 3 years which I think is incredible. I always find that the more expensive products tend to last the longest. I will 100% be re purchasing this product because the quality is amazing and it lasts a really long time.

2. Mac Studio Careblend Pressed Powder
Because I was so impressed with the Select Sheer powder I decided to pick up another powder when I went to Liverpool last year. I really enjoyed this powder but strangely I found that it did not last as long as the other Mac powder which was strange. I would 100% recommend this powder regardless, It adds to the finish of whatever foundation you use and leaves the skin flawless.


The 4 Primers that I used up are both for the eyes and face, They are Flormar Illuminating Primer Base, L’Oreal Lumi Magique Primer Base , Benefit Stay Don’t Stray Eye Primer and Urban Decay Eye shadow Primer Potion in Eden.

1. Flormar Illuminating Primer Base
I picked this primer up last summer when I was only holiday in Spain. This is a Spanish brand and I was really impressed by their products I picked up 1 blush, a highlighting powder and this primer. This primer gives a beautiful glow to the skin even when you apply foundation over it. This brand is very affordable but I am not sure if you can purchase their products online. I would recommend this primer if you are looking for an affordable illuminating primer.

2. L’Oreal Lumi Magique Primer
I love this primer so much, again its illuminating but it is not as affordable as the one above. L’Oreal also have a foundation to match this primer, they are both amazing quality for a drug store product. I would reccomend trying these out if you have not already.

3. Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden.
This primer has been raved about for so long, the one I have is a sample size which came with a palette that I purchased from Urban Decay. This primer keeps shadow on all day and is an amazing product to have in tour collection/kit.

4. Benefit Stay Don’t Stray Primer
This product can double up as a primer and a concealer, I really liked to use this to conceal under my eyes it made me look wide awake and bright and it also keeps eye shadow on for hours without moving. This is a great product to invest in and it last a good few months.


Mac Fix+.
I have been obsessed with this setting spray ever since I purchased it 3 years ago, I have gone through 3 bottles since then, I am on my fourth bottle at the minute. I can’t do my make up without setting it with this after, The smell of this spray is so refreshing and clean , I feel like it makes my make up look 100 times better. I know there is thousands of setting sprays on the market but I don’t think I will be changing from this one.


Mac Brush cleanser.
This product is one of many few I haven’t re-purchased yet, Just because I think this cleanser is okay to wipe a little bit of make up off your brushes just before you want to use them but it doesn’t work as well as baby shampoo and I think that is why I haven’t re- purchased it yet. I will in the future but I am not in any rush to re purchase it soon.

And that is all of the Empties I have so far, I decided to do this post because it was something different to tutorials and hauls and things. Also I am really sorry about the late post, this week has been very busy as I just finished my Leaving Certificate so I apologise and I will be posting back to Normal every Wednesday from now on and as always Thanks for reading :).

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