Daytime Bronze/copper Eye Look.

I have worn copper eye shadow before but I always thought it didn’t suit me, This week I decided to try out a look using a beautiful copper eye shadow I rediscovered in my collection. This eye shadow is extremely hard to find on line and I am not sure why, I think it may be discontinued or the packaging could have been changed. The Eye shadow is Rimmel Colour rush Mono eye shadow in 060 Bronzed. These eye shadows have a bronze glitter on the top and then a bronze subtle colour underneath. I completely forgot to photograph this before I used it so these pictures show what is underneath the bronze shimmer. If you have blue eyes this look will be your new go to look it brings out the blue in the eyes, and of course it is also stunning on every other eye colour :). Now onto the tutorial.

1. I start off with my normal foundation routine, I am using a moisturiser to prime my face as I have been very dry lately. I then take my Rimmel wake me up foundation and apply that all over my face using a flat top foundation brush. I like to move straight onto my eyebrows after because I am cream contouring in this look so i want to allow my foundation to settle a little bit.


2. For my eyebrows, I am using the Smashbox Bow Tech in Smashing Auburn. I like to comb my brow hairs with a brow comb first then I outline my brow shape with an angled brush and just run the brush over them spreading the powder but keeping my natural shape. I then run a clear mascara over them to make sure they stay in place throughout the day.


3. Next to the cream contouring, My last post was an in depth version of cream contouring so I wont go into too much detail. I have really been enjoying the w7 Catwalk Face shaper kit , I now use it daily I think its very easy to use , quick and there is no danger of getting the muddy cheek look. I just apply this to my nose, forehead and cheekbones. I then highlight my under eyes in a triangle shape using the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer.


4. I then use Mattify Cosmetics Original translucent powder to set everything on my face. Personally, I prefer to go over the cream contour with a powder just to make sure it stays in place all day. I used Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Bronzer. I don’t think I have ever spoke about this bronzer before but I love it if I want a natural look because it suits my skin tone perfectly. I used a powder highlighter (sleek face contour kit in medium) on the tops of my cheeks and down the centre of my nose. For my blush I used the NYC blush in Prospect Park Rose.


5. Now the eyes. It is extremely simple all I did was take the Rimmel eye shadow in Bronzed to my crease and underneath my eyes. I blended the colour out until I was happy with it and I then added the highlighter I used on my face to the centre of my lid to break up the look a little bit. You can add eye liner if you wish but I wanted a daytime simple easy look so I just added 2 coats of mascara.

060 Bonzed
060 Bonzed


6. For my lips I wanted a baby pink natural shade so I mixed together Mac Creme D’Nude and Rimmel Kate moss Matte Lipstick in 102.


And the look is complete, This look is so simple and easy to recreate and will make blue eyes pop. I hope you liked this tutorial. Dont forget to follow me on all my social media to see more of my everyday looks all links are to the right of this post on the sidebar and as always Thanks for reading :).


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