Adele Inspired glam look plus how to apply False eye lashes.

This week I decided I wanted to do a Celebrity inspired look, its been a while since my last once which was Rita Ora at the Brit’s 2014 ( I decided to do a look on Adele, the picture I am taking my inspiration from is her Vogue cover in March 2012, She is without a doubt stunning and her make up is never too crazy its usually easy for anyone to pull it off for a night out or event. I have finally learned how to apply falsies after hours of YouTube videos and practice I will show you how to apply strip lashes in this post also :).

1. First I start off with my base, Instead of a primer I used a moisturiser just because lately my skin has been extremely dry because I have the flu, I am using Clean and Clear Morning Energy Moisturiser , I apply this all over my face and neck. I then take my foundation which is Mac Studio Sculpt foundation in NC15. This foundation is probably a little too light for me but Adele has very pale skin so for this tutorial it is prefect, I apply this with a flat top foundation brush all over my face and neck. I then apply my concealer always before powder because if you apply a liquid ontop of a powder if will look extremely cakey. I apply my concealer in a triangle shape going from the corner of my eye down to the corner of my nose and out to my hairline. I then set my concealer with Mattify Cosmetics Original Transparent powder and I set my foundation with MUA Matte Perfect Loose Powder because Adele has such a matte look to her skin.


2. I am now going straight to the eyes. I don’t really prime my eyes any more but I do blend a bit of concealer on my lids when I am applying it to my undereyes, If you use a primer just apply it now before you start the eye shadow. In the cover Adele’s eyes are pretty simple but she has a strong contoured crease so first I am taking my bronzer (any bronzer will do) which is the Bourjois Dรฉlice de Poudre Bronzing Powder in the shade 52 , I am taking this on a large fluffy brush and blending it into my crease (in windscreen wiper motions) this will create a sharp contour on the eyes just like Adele has. Then to intensify and make the crease a tad darker I am taking the darkest shade from the MUA Heaven and Earth Palette, I am taking this on a small fluffy brush and blending it into my crease again.


3. Other than Adele’s stunning cheekbones her eyeliner is a big part of this look she has a strong winged line. I achieved this by using NYC High Definition Liquid Eye liner. This one is really easy to work with because it is a Felt tip marker type one. The best way to achieve perfect liner is to simply work in short quick strokes along your eyelid, then outline where and what shape you want your wing and fill it in.


4. Now onto the False Lashes, To apply you will need a Pair of lashes (of course), A tweezers and some lash glue.First you want to line the lashes up with your eye and see if they fit, if they are too long then trim them from the inside not the outside , You then want to apply your lash glue onto the strip on the lashes and let it dry for about 15-20 seconds make sure the glue is tacky and not wet when you are applying it otherwise the lash will just slide around on your lid. when the glue is tacky I find it easiest to get your tweezers and hold the lash at the outer part, then place the lash in the middle of your eyelid, try and get it as close to your own lash line as possible, This will take a bit of practise so be patient. Once the middle is secure you want to secure the inner and outer corner then take the other end of your tweezers (the part you hold) and push the false lash down into your own to secure it. The lashes are used are 232 Siamese by Sleek MakeUp.


5. Now to finish off the face, I am using the same bronzer I used on my eyes to contour my face. I contour my cheekbones very heavily because in the picture Adele has very striking cheekbones, I apply bronzer to my forehead just below my hairline and down either side of my nose. I then use NYC blush in Prospect Park Rose I applied this on top of the contour to make it stand out. To highlight I use my all time favourite Sleek Contour Kit in Medium.


6. Lastly, in the picture Adele has a very nude lip but I feel like nudes wash me out so I used a nude but I put a pink underneath just to take the harshness from the nude. I used Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in the shade 101 and Mac lipstick in Myth.


It has been a while since I done a tutorial and Some of you have been asking on the poll I have running, It is a great way for me to know what you all wanna see on this blog so keep voting :). I hope you all liked this tutorial and as always thanks for reading :).


IMG_0554 - Copy


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