My Weekly Favourites.

I realise that I haven’t done a weekly favourites post in over a month purely because my favourites had not varied that much, but recently most of my everyday/ go to products have changed, So today’s post is going to be a weekly/recent favourites post. The products are a mixture of affordable and high end I hope you enjoy.

1. Catrice Prime and Fine Anti-Red base.
Recently, I have run out of my L’Oreal Lumi Magique so I wanted to try and test a new primer for a week or so to give an honest opinion. I love this primer it is a green colour but blends in once applied to the skin, It does have glitter in it but I wear a semi matte foundation over it just to cancel out some of the glitter. This primer also comes in Anti-shine and pore refining. Overall I love this primer it evens out my skin tone and hides my redness, This primer retails at €4.49 which is a brilliant price for an everyday primer.

What this primer looks like before (top right) and after (bottom right) being blended out.
What this primer looks like before (top right) and after (bottom right) being blended out.

2. Catrice Infinite Matt 18hr Foundation.
I have used this foundation for years now but I recently re-discovered it in my collection. I completely forgot how amazing this foundation is. The consistency is very creamy but not thick, when applied it feels like your skin it is not heavy at all yet it covers everything I do not use a concealer on my spots/ blemishes once I apply this foundation I only use one under my eyes. I have used it on a few friends when doing their make up and it looks good on all skin types from what I have seen. This foundation retails at €6.99 which is amazing for the quality.


3. Real techniques Buffing Brush.
I have always used my Blank canvas Cosmetics F20 to apply my foundation, But recently I have been loving this brush by Real Techniques. It takes a little longer to blend foundation but it gives a flawless natural finish in my opinion. This brush comes as part of the Core collection which retails at €28.99.


4. Lancome Superfine Automatic Brow Pencil.
I have always used the same pencil for my brows so when I received this product I was intrigued to use it and see how good it was and I was not disappointed. When applied in short strokes to my eyebrow the superfine tip makes it look like natural hair. It gives a natural look to my eyebrows. This product retails at €26.07 Not the cheapest product but 100% worth the money. I am using the colour 22 Deep Brown.


Let me know if you have used any of these products and if you have liked / disliked them , I am going to keep on top of my weekly favourites from now on I will post my weekly favourites every 2 weeks And as always thanks for reading 🙂

2 thoughts on “My Weekly Favourites.

  1. I have been pondering over the sam chapman buffing brush but I can’t decide to go for that one or the expert face brush… Loving your blog, always having a cheeky read but I realised I never commented, so here is my comment of appreciation which will not be the last 🙂

    Emma-Lou xx


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