My Top 5 Mascaras

Mascara is an essential when you are wearing make up even if you are not mascara can still be worn alone. I have narrowed my favourite mascaras down to 5, these are the ones I am constantly re purchasing and using on a daily basis. Some are high end and some are affordable.

1. They’re Real by Benefit.
This mascara has been raved about for so long in the beauty world. At first, I was very hesitant to purchase this because of the price. I first tried it out when I bought a benefit set and there was a sample size in the set, Once I tried this mascara I had to go and get a full size which retails at €26 here in Ireland. It is a very expensive price for a mascara but you also get a sample size with the full size.


2. The Rocket by Maybelline..
This is my favourite affordable mascara without a doubt. I usually wear this and They’re real together they give an amazing false lash effect to my lashes. This mascara retails at €7.99 here in Ireland which is a bargain when you take the quality of this product into account.


3. Glamour Doll Mascara by Catrice.
This is the most affordale mascaara of the 5. I love this mascara for volume and length. This mascara retails at €4.49 here in Ireland which is a great price for such a good mascara.


4. Revlon Custom Eyes Mascara.
This mascara is one of the ones that has the twistable wand to change the settings. Number 1 is for length and drama and number 2 is for length and definition. Honestly, I don’t see any major difference in either of the settings so in the picture below I have applied one coat of each. I think I bought this mascara for about €4 on sale.


5. Christian Dior Ultimeyes Mascra.
This is probably the second most expensive mascara out of the 5 just behind They’re real. I love the natural look this mascara gives my lashes, it is a great mascara for everyday subtle make up. This mascara retails at around €25 here in Ireland which is very expensive but I think its worth a try.


I will put links below where I can if you wish to purchase any of these mascaras. I will also add all my social networking sites below I would appreciate it if you liked / followed my pages and as always thanks for reading :).

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Revlon Custom Eyes –

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