How to clean your brushes

Cleaning your brushes can be a daunting task most people are not sure how to. When I cleaned my first ever brushes I left them sitting in shampoo and water and completely ruined them, but after experimenting and watching a ton on YouTube videos I have found my own way to clean my brushes. The basic up keep of your brushes is very important because if you don’t clean them your skin is prone to a lot more breakouts than usual due to the build up of different products all layered on your brushes.
To clean your brushes you will need some baby shampoo for best results and warm water preferably under a tap. I am using johnsons baby shampoo.


First I take all of my dirty brushes together I like to start with all of my face brushes just because they take longer to clean than the rest. I take a small bit of baby shampoo on the palm of my hand (about a โ‚ฌ2 coin size) I run the tip of the brush under the tap to moisten it, I then dip the brush into the shampoo and use circular motions on my hand working the shampoo into the bristles of the brush.


I then run the brush under the water making sure I am only wetting the bristles of the brush because if you get the handle of the brush wet the glue will ware away and the brushes would start to fall apart. I repeat this step for all my face brushes. Here is a before and after picture of some of the face brushes.


With the smaller brushes like eye/lip brushes you won’t need as much shampoo maybe half as much as you used for the face brushes. It is important that you do not get the handles wet because it is a lot easier with the smaller brushes. Once the brushes are clean you will want to leave them to dry overnight. I like to leave mine out on a towel lying flat just so none if the excess water travels down into the handle and damages the brushes.


The larger brushes should be in a tulip shape shown below in order for them to dry as best they can.


This is the easiest way I have found that works for me. I would probably advice washing your brushes every week if not every two weeks.
I hope you found this post helpful I also just want to say that I have started a Facebook page for my blog and some of the make up I do on myself and more beauty related things so please like it in the sidebar and share it amongst your friends I would really appreciate it, and as always thanks for reading :).
Here is a picture of all my clean brushes and how I store them if you have any questions comment below ๐Ÿ™‚


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