My Top 5 Palettes

To continue my Top 5 “series” I am going to share my Top 5 go to palettes. All of these I use almost every time I do my make up.

1.Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay
I have already posted an in depth review on this palette so I am not going to go into too much detail but this is my favourite palette of all time and I would highly recommend investing In it. my favourite shades are Chopper , Foxy , Suspect , YDK and Snakebite.


2.Naked Basics by Urban Decay
This palette is mainly a matte palette it consists of 6 shades, 4 matte and 2 shimmer. The shades in this palette are Venus which is a champagne shimmer , Foxy which is a yellow-y cream matte , W.O.S which is a light nude matte , Naked 2 which is a medium taupe matte , Faint which is a warm matte brown and Crave which is a deep black with tiny bits of shimmer. This palette retails at €29.00 not as expensive as the rest of the Naked palettes but still not the cheapest. This palette can be used for your eyebrows as well , Faint is a universal eyebrow shade. If you love matte eyeshadows or even want to try them out I would recommend this palette.


3.Sleek Vintage Romance Palette (141)
I purchased this palette back in November I apologise if you cannot get it in stores because I’m pretty sure it was a limited edition collection. This palette has 12 eyeshadows they are Pretty in Paris which is a silver with a metallic finish , Meet in Madrid which is a gold with yellow and orange undertones and a frosted finish , Court in Cannes which is a medium warmed toned brown with a golden sheen and a frosted finish , Lust in LA which Is a warm chocolate brown with reddish undertones and a frosted finish , Romance in Rome which Is a cool dark purple with a frosted finish , Propose in Prague which Is a warm dark brown with reddish orange undertones and a matte finish , A Vow in Venice which is a medium berry tone with a frosted finish , Honeymoon in Hollywood which is a deep berry-wine with a silver sparkle and a satin finish , Bliss in Barcelona which is a violet purple with a frosted finish , Forever in Florence which is a dark Burgundy with red undertones and a silver sparkle , and Love in London which is a black with silver sparkle.


4. Blush Palette
I purchased this palette from a shopping app called wish. This palette has 10 Blushes from bright pinks to light oranges. This palette was $8.00 which is about €5.80 I think this is a steal for 10 blushes. The only problem I had with this was the way it came to me I received it and one of the blushes was completely smashed all over the rest I was so disappointed but the website has amazing customer service and refunded me my money within 2 days , they also gave me an option for a new one but because it was only one that was smashed I didn’t see much point. I absolutely love this palette I use it regularly I like to mix some of the colours together to get the perfect blush shade.


5. Stilla Custom Quad /palette
I created this palette myself , I purchased the 4 eyeshadows and the compact separate in Cara Pharmacy, They were having a big sale at the time and each cost me €1.00.In total this palette cost me €5.00 which is unbelievable for a Stilla product. This palette contains 4 eyeshadows which are Kalahoo which is a light matte brown , Viola which is a grey – purply shimmer , Nanda Devi which is a chocolate matte brown and Makalu which is a matte black. The eyeshadow pans they come in are really big they are bigger then the Mac pans you can buy , I would recommend all of these eyeshadows they are brilliant quality.


I hope you all found this helpful and as always thank you for reading 🙂

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