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The Naked and Naked 2 palettes from Urban Decay have been the centre of many beauty related “must haves” for a long time now, Most people either have or want one of these palettes. The naked 2 palette retails at 44Euro here in Ireland, it isn’t the cheapest of palettes but for those of you who want one but refuse to pay that amount of money for a single palette, I have found probably the cheapest identical alternative or “dupe” for this palette.

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The dupe I have found comes from a brand called w7, and the palette is called the “in the buff” palette. I purchased this palette from Cara Pharmacy here in Sligo. I will leave links down below to purchase this palette online. it retails at 5Euro in Ireland or ยฃ5.50 in the UK, This is almost 9 times cheaper than the naked 2 palette.

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Originally when I heard about this palette and saw it in the shop I presumed it was a dupe for the first Naked palette but when I got it home and compared it to both the Naked and Naked 2 palettes I realised that it was identical to the Naked 2 palette.


Each palette includes 12 eye shadows. 3 matte, 8 shimmer and 1 metallic colour. Each palette also comes with a double ended brush and of course the Naked 2 “Good Karma” brush is better quality compared to the brush that is included in the “In The Buff” palette. This is one of very few minor differences in these two palettes. the Naked 2 brush is on top and the “In The Buff” brush is on the bottom in the picture below.

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The other minor differences in the palettes are, The Naked 2 has a mirror whereas the “In The Buff” does not, the Naked 2 also comes with a free lip gloss whereas the “In The Buff” palette does not but for 5 Euro a free gift is not really expected. The only major difference in these palettes is the price. I have swatched both palettes on my arm just to show how similar they really are. The Naked 2 is on top and the “In The Buff” is underneath.


As you can see by the swatches, there is little or no difference in the palettes. The colour pay off and staying power of each one are the exact same. Finally, I have created an eye look that can be used for daytime or night time with each palette. I have used the w7 “In The Buff” palette on my right eye and the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette on my left eye. I will leave links below to buy the “In The Buff” palette online, I will also leave the names of the colours I have used below. Thanks for reading :).


The colour I used from each palate were:
Naked 2 – Foxy, Tease, YDK, Snakebite, Busted, Verve, Blackout, Booty call.
In The Buff – Buff, Chocolate, Wave, Topaz, Thunder, Silk, Sand, Onyx.

Purschase the In The Buff Palette onine:
UK – http://cheapcosmetics.ie/epages/950003511.sf/sec9636e07698/?ObjectPath=/Shops/950003511/Products/ITB
Ireland – https://www.carapharmacy.com/p/in_the_buff_natural_eye_shadow_palette
U.S – http://www.ebay.com/itm/W7-In-The-Buff-12-Colour-Eye-Shadow-Palette-Tin-Naked-Nudes-Creams-Browns-Black-/221365763133?pt=UK_Health_Beauty_Make_Up_Cosmetics_Eyeliner_PP&hash=item338a6d7c3d

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  1. Omg wow iv been wanting to buy the naked range for a while until I have money to spare. But now I have seen this cheaper version I must give it a shot. Btw do that do differ ranges of other colours?


  2. Oh right I clicked on the uk link u gave As I am from London. However there was no purchase button. I went through the xtra website it self and searched that way and it was no way to be seen… Strange. Lol


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